Athletic Program

Two Rivers Sports Offerings:

Fall: Boys & Girls Soccer; Co-ed Cross Country; Girls Volleyball
Winter: Girls & Boys Basketball; Indoor track
Spring: Boys Baseball; Girls Softball; Track and Field

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The Hartford Late Bus runs every day but Wednesdays.

Sports Recaps

Cross Country

Congratulations to both the Boys and Girls team for winning their first meet at Elizabeth Park.  The boys dominated the race with 6 of our runners placing in the top 10.  Jeremy Taber and Anthony Lopez battled hard for the respective 2nd and 3rd place finishes.  Following soon after were Tamarion LaFortuna, Quincy Slapp, Quran Hite and Kennedy Lurry.  

The girls team was lead by Alina Niemcyzk who placed first overall.  6th grader Stephanie Solis had an impressive 2nd place finish.  Victoria Cauley, Susan Solis and Asiay Cotto ran solid raced and finished in the top 10.  Way to go Hurricanes!  Wish the runners luck at their meet today in Southington.


The Two Rivers’ Girls Volleyball Team won their first game against MLC on Thursday, winning the match 2-0.

Bringing the fire with their incredible serves, Jinnelys Rivera and Savannah Morgan had 18 total service points and several aces. Isabella Gonzalez hustled for the ball and had some spectacular passes. Serenity Williams and Karla Daha also showed up to win, moving their feet and passing the ball with control. All of the girls communicated as a team and served the ball well to seal the win.

Our sportmanship bracelet went to MLC's 8th grader Mikayah Inniss.

 The Lady Hurricanes next game is at AAE this coming Monday, September 23rd. Wish them well.

Girls Soccer

Two Rivers Magnet Middle School 6 - Metropolitan Learning Center 0

The Two Rivers Magnet Middle School girls soccer team hosted the Metropolitan Learning Center on Wednesday, October 30th for the CREC Championship.  This was the eighth consecutive appearance in the CREC finals for the Lady Hurricanes.  

 The rainy weather did not dampen the girls' spirits.  The Lady Hurricanes were focused on maintaining their championship trophy for the eighth time; while, the Dragons were fired up to take away the Hurricanes' title. 

 Meghan Moore (8th) led the way for the Hurricanes, positioning herself to stop any advances from the Dragons and providing her teammates with excellent angles to attack the net.  De'Mya Barrett (6th) was first to score as she bodied the ball into the net over the goalie's reach.  Moore then went into attack mode, scoring a goal for herself in the eighth minute of the game.  Emma Elmore (8th) set up Leah Holloway (8th) to score the Hurricane's third goal of the game.  The Dragon's #6 had some excellent fast breaks, but Amy Villafuerte (8th) was able to limit her chances at the net using her fast footwork to contain her opportunities.  Amaris Perez (8th) made the final goal of the first half from a beautifully placed assist from Vanessa Quealy (8th), which gave the Hurricanes a 4 to nothing advantage going into halftime. 

 In the second half, the Hurricanes continued to put pressure on the Dragon's goalie, who made several great saves to keep the game close.  But, Amy Villafuerte (8th) broke through the Dragon's defensive line and drove a goal into the back of the net.  The lady Hurricanes would continue to pressure the defense of the Dragons, which allowed Tori Jones (7th) to score the final goal of the game.   

The final score was TRMMS 6 - MLC 0.  

The sportsmanship award was given to the Hurricane's # 54, Kayla Webster and MLC's goalie, Kaydance Chance.  

A special thank you to the eighth graders for the leadership throughout the season:  Shambriel Battles, Emma Elmore, Vanessa Quealy, Melanie Ramos Santos, Amy Villafuerte, Leah Holloway, Amaris Perez, Aliana Betancourt, and Meghan Moore ---- this championship would not have been possible without you.  

Congrats to all the ladies on an undefeated season and being the 2019 CREC Champions!  

 Go Hurricanes!  

 Boys Soccer

Two Rivers Magnet Middle School 4 – The Academy of Aerospace and Engineering 5

 The Two Rivers Magnet Middle School (Hurricanes) boys soccer team hosted the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering (Jets) on Wednesday, October 30th for the CREC Championship.  This was the second consecutive appearance in the CREC finals between the two teams.  

The weather conditions for the afternoon match was perfect for fall soccer.  The Hurricanes were fired up and felt confident about their chances of taking home the championship trophy despite a slight drizzle of rain yet with cool temperatures.

Rahman Aminu-Jimbah (7th) led the way scoring the game’s first goal for the Hurricanes.  The Jets then went on the offensive putting pressure on the Hurricanes defense.  The Jets scored three consecutive goals, leading the Hurricanes by score of 1-3 with five minutes remaining in the first half.  The Hurricanes however did not give up.  Defensively, Denzel Thompson (7th), Zurai Floyd (8th) and Tyrell Cunningham (7th) made some great stops that galvanized the offense.  With some well-placed passes by Deshaun Boyne (7th) and Ali Elhakim (8th), the Hurricanes were able to score two goals in order to tie the score at 3-3. 

The second half was largely intense for both teams.  The scoring went back and forth until the last few minutes of the game.  As the Jets scored to move ahead 3-4, the Hurricanes’ Isaiah Hite (6th) scores to knot the game up at 4-4.  However, with three minutes remaining, a Jets player #8 scores a booming left footed strike pass the Hurricanes’ goalkeeper, Damian Mach (7th) for the go-ahead goal and win. 

The final score was TRMMS 4 – AAE 5.  

Acknowledgment goes out to TRMMS eighth grade student/athletes, Ali Elhakim, Emanuel Lima, Zurai Floyd, Nigel Lawson, and Noah Getachew - they all had a great season.

Congratulations to the AAE Jets for their great performance and sportsmanship! 

The Hurricanes should be proud of the season they had with a record of 7-2-1 and they are enthusiastic about making a return trip to finals next season.