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Two Rivers Sports Offerings:

Fall: Boys & Girls Soccer; Co-ed Cross Country; Girls Volleyball
Winter: Girls & Boys Basketball; Indoor track
Spring: Boys Baseball; Girls Softball; Track and Field

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Track & Field Recap: Middle School State Championship, May 26th

The boys and girls track and field team at Two Rivers Magnet Middle School competed at the 11th Annual Middle School State Championship on Saturday, May 26th.

 The girls and boys teams had many athletes competing over a variety of different events. 

 Although, the girls did not medal in their events, several of them reached personal records through their hard work and determination.

 The boys had several athletes that placed in their events:

 Landon Palmer took eighth in the 400 meter dash.

Anthony Cosme placed sixth 100 meter and seventh in 200 meter dash.

Josh Wilkie placed seventh in hurdles.

Nate Evans placed fifth in long jump.

Isaiah Arroyo finished first in the 200 meter dash.

Malcolm Beckford finished first in both the 100 meter and 400 meter dash.

Because of their hard work, the boys took home the second place trophy at the Middle School State Championship.  Excellent work Hurricanes.    


Track & Field Recap: May 12th

The Two Rivers Track and Field team competed at the Bloomfield Invitational on Saturday, May 12th.  Not even the rain and cold could deter these athletes from competing at their highest level.  Like Hurricanes, they thrive on rainy weather.  And thrive they did indeed. 

The girls team had many bright moments over the course of the rainy day; here are a few of them: Meghan Moore took second place in the 100 meter hurdles; Mya Saylor took third in the 100 meter hurdles; Ola Taha reached a new personal record in discus with a distance of 32 feet 02 inches; and Chloe Phillippe Robles reached a new personal record in the long jump with a distance of ten feet seven inches. Overall, all the girls did a great job!

 The boys team fought through the rainy weather to find success as well.  Here are some of their highlights from the day: Nate Evans took first place in long jump in his group; Landon Palmer took first place for long jump in his group; Josh Wilkie placed third in high jump; Kai Langlois placed second in discus with a new personal record of 65 feet 11 inches; Joel Reddick placed first in shot put and 80 meter hurdles in his group; Josh Wilkie and Devon Mendez placed second and third in the 100 meter hurdles respectively;  Raymond Webster placed third in the 800 meter; Malcolm Beckford placed first in the 400 meter dash; also placing in the 400 meter dash in their group: Landon Palmer, third place and Nate Evans, third place; Landon Palmer also took first in the 200 meter with a personal record of 27.38 seconds; Devon Mendez also placed second in the 200 meter for his group; Nate Evans placed first in the 100 meter dash while Devon Mendez placed third; Finally, Malcolm Beckford placed first, but more impressive, he set an invitational record for the 100 meter dash with a time of 11.67 second. 

The boys team placed third overall just twenty-two points behind the runner-up. You'll get em' next time!

Congratulations to all the athletes that competed this past weekend.  It was a long, wet but rewarding day. 

Go Hurricanes!

Track & Field Recap: May 5th

The Two Rivers Track and Field team competed in the Tolland Invitational on Saturday, May 5th, 2018. 

Big congratulations to the boys team for their effort and hard work; their team effort allowed them to accomplish second place overall at the Tolland Invitational.  Malcolm Beckford had an incredible day, taking first in 100 meter, 200 meter and part of the first place team in the 4 by 400, which included Nate Evans, Landon Palmer, and Harrison Moorcrott.

The boys had many other highlights: Landon Palmer took first place in the 400 meter; Nate Evans took second in long jump, reaching a new PR of 17’11”; Tyris Cauley placed second in the shot put; Isaiah Arroyo placed second in the 200 meter; and Malcolm Beckford, Anthony Cosme and Isaiah Arroyo took first, second, and third in the 100 meter respectively.  All the boys did an incredible job, which allowed them to earn their second place honor. 

The girls track and field team had many highlights too: Nicole Orellana took sixth place in the 800 meter; Isabelle Camli Saunders took sixth in long jump; Daniela Bravo placed fifth in the 100 meter. Meghan Moore placed fourth in hurdles; and Miana Quinonez placed third in high jump. All the girls did a great job competing for the Hurricanes!

Congrats to all the athletes on a great meet.  Good luck this weekend at the Bloomfield Invitational.

Track & Field Recap: April 22nd

Two Rivers Magnet Middle School girls and boys track and field team competed in the Bloomfield Developmental meet on Sunday, April 22nd. 

It was a great day to run, jump, and throw and Two Rivers came ready to compete. 

 For the boys, Joel Reddick, Ju-Sean Thomas, Nate Evans, Elijah Darity, Devon Mendez, Isaiah Arroyo, Landon Palmer, and Anthony Cosme all qualified for stated in the 200 meter dash. Malcolm Beckford had the best time of the day, 24.30 seconds, for his 200 meter.

In the 400 meter, the boys had several athletes qualify for states: Nate Evans, Landon Palmer, Elijah Darity, and Malcolm Beckford.  Beckford had an impressive time of 56.74 seconds. 

Ju-Sean Thomas and Devon Mendez finished strong in the 100 meter hurdles.  Both reaching a personal best for the event.

For field events, Tyris Cauley and John Paul Jones both qualified for shot put.  Cauley threw for a personal record of 32 feet. Landon Plamer and Nate Evans both qualified for long jump at states, clearing thirteen feet with east.  Nate Evans took first in long jump reaching a jump of 16-05 feet. John Paul Jones clear 4'08" in high jump, a personal record.

The girls had several highlights from the day as well.  Senovia Richards ran a 31.22 seconds for the 200 meter; Isabelle Camli Saunders also ran a 31.97 for the 200 meter dash, so both qualified for States in the 200 meter dash.  Daniela Bravo and Mya Saylor also scored in the top ten for the 200 meter with impressive times. 

 Meghan Moore took first for the 80m hurdles. While Mya Saylor and Emma Dubiel, took third and fourth respectively in the 100 meter hurdles.  Emma also reached a personal record for her race at 22.08 seconds.

For field events, Amber Braga threw 24-07 feet in shot put, taking first for the day, which she then followed up with another first place finish by throwing 34-00 feet in discus.

All the athletes had a great day competing and reaching personal bests.   Congrats to all the athletes. The track and field team's next competition will be on May 5th at the Tolland Invitational.

Go Hurricanes!

Track & Field Recap: April 14th

Two Rivers Track and Field team participated in the Bloomfield Developmental meet on Saturday, April 14th.  Two Rivers had over sixty athletes competing in both girls and boys events.  All the athletes pushed themselves to reach their fastest speed, longest and highest jumps, and strongest throws. 

Some of the highlights from the boys team include: Malcolm Beckford, Anthony Cosme, Nate Evans, Isaiah Arroyo, and Devon Mendez all earned qualifying times to compete at States in June for the 100 meter dash. Also, the 4x100 team of Cosme, Evans, Arroyo, and Mendez took first place with a time of 50.62 seconds.

Raymond Webster took third in the 800 meter and qualified for States with a time of 2:30.32.  Nate Evans took first in the 400 meter with a time of 1:02.12, which qualified him to compete at States.

In long jump, Anthony Cosme took second place, while John Paul Jones took third.  Their jumps qualified them both to compete at states.

For the girls team, Mya Saylor took first overall in 100 meter hurdles, while Emma Dubiel and Daniela Bravo qualified for states in the 100 meter hurdles for their excellent time.  Meghan Moore also took first in her bracket for hurdles, and Amber Braga took first in discus.   

Go Hurricanes!

Girls Basketball Recap: March 1st Championships

The Two Rivers Magnet Middle School girls basketball team hosted Public Safety Academy in the girls middle school CREC Finals.  During the regular season, TRMMS beat PSA, but PSA was focused on finishing their final season with a championship title.  

 PSA began the game with number #11 attacking the basket and making big shots to rattle TRMMS in the first quarter.  Julia McLean's (7th) offensive efforts kept TRMMS in the game, while several fouls from PSA put Amyah Rosado (7th) at the line for the Hurricanes.  At the end of of the first quarter, TRMMS was down four points to PSA's eleven.  

 During the second quarter, TRMMS came alive and ran away with the lead.  The scoring was spread around; Yasmin Salas (8th), Anja Carlmark (8th) and Angie Mach (8th) all contributed to the offensive effort.  Shaniqua Thomas (7th) provided crucial defensive spots to that allowed the Hurricanes to keep the PSA Eagles to only three points in the second quarter.  

 At the half, TRMMS had 22 points to PSA's 14. In the third quarter, #4 from PSA was determined to keep the score close as she battled for every basket.  But the TRMMS' effort in the low post was too dominate, as Anja Carlmark (8th) scooped up rebounds on the defensive and offensive ends. Due to some foul trouble, Amyah Rosado (7th) did not see much of the game in the third quarter, but Amaris Perez (6th) rose to the challenge and gave some valuable minutes.

 During the fourth quarter, Rosado (7th) was able to open up her game to create some opportunities for herself at the rim while getting Julia McLean (7th) and Anja Carlmark (8th) some excellent assists.  All the girls played extremely well down the stretch to help protect the lead and secure the win. 

 The final score was TRMMS 49 - PSA 34.  

 For the third year in the row, TRMMS are the CREC Champions.  Congrats on a great season ladies!  

 A special thank you to the eighth graders for your leadership this season:  Allison Pinzon, Chelsea Wray-Brown, Anja Carlmark and the captains: Angie Mach and Yasmin Salas.  What a great season! 

Boys Basketball Recap: March 1st Championships

The Two Rivers Hurricanes hosted the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering on Thursday for the CREC Championship, with the hopes of defending the title.  It was a game that should go down as an instant CREC classic. Both teams battled physically and mentally, exchanging leads throughout the entire game.  Tyreek Hutchinson exploded in the first half for 18 of his 25 total points, leading all scorers.  Chace from AAE fought hard to keep his team in the game, scoring 22 points for the Jets. 

With many players getting into foul trouble, both teams had to dig deep into their bench.  With the crowd roaring from the stands, the momentum swung back and forth all the way into the 4th quarter.  The combination of Trevon Ortiz and David Pardo became the difference in the final frame. With strong rebounding and clutch shots, the two trees scored 8 of the Hurricanes' 15 4th quarter points and David Pardo hit a huge free throw to ice the game with under a minute left.

Two Rivers repeated as champions, winning 47-43 in an epic game that won't be forgotten anytime soon.  A big shoutout to AAE for all the fight, grit, and heart they showed during the season and in the championship.  And a huge thank you to all the fans for their support and energy during the game.  GO HURRICANES!

Girls Basketball Recap: February 27th

The Two Rivers Magnet Middle School girls basketball team hosted the MLC Dragons in the semi-final round of the CREC middle school playoffs.  TRMMS Hurricanes had beaten the MLC Dragons during the regular season, but the Dragons were ready to continue their pursuit to the championship round.  But, the Hurricanes were ready to defend their court. 

The starting five attacked the basket from tip-off.  Led by Amyah Rosado (7th) and Yasmin Salas (8th), the Hurricanes moved the ball around the perimeter to make some quick baskets and applied defensive pressure to open up a lead in the first quarter. Julia McLean (7th) and Angie Mach (8th), also had excellent presence under the basket to convert any missed opportunities into second chance shots.  Chelsea Wray-Brown (8th) and Shaniqua Thomas (7th) provided valuable minutes on the defensive and offensive ends of the court.  

At the half, the the lady Hurricanes had a lead that they needed to protect.  Going into the third quarter, the ladies designed a plan to continue their efforts on both the defensive and offensive ends.  This allowed Gabby Tinsley (6th) and Amaris Perez (6th) to contribute to the lead.  

The fourth quarter, Anja Calrmark (8th) had several nice attacks at the hoop and several excellent rebounds to keep the Hurricanes in the lead. All the ladies played extremely well and getting everyone involved. 

The final score was TRMMS 50 - MLC 16.  

With this win, the girls advance into the CREC finals on Thursday, March 1st to defend their championship.  

Congrats on the win ladies and good luck on Thursday! 

Boys Basketball Recap: February 27th

Two Rivers faced off against Academy of Science and Innovation on Tuesday for the semifinals of the CREC playoffs.  Both teams came out sluggish, failing to gain any rhythm in the first few minutes.  Eventually, Two Rivers found their defensive edge and created multiple turnovers leading to easy baskets in transition for Mekhi London, who scored 12 points.  Trevon Ortiz, starting for the first time all season, gobbled up the ball on the offensive glass, scoring 12 points as well.  Two Rivers would never relinquish the lead after that. 

 The final score was 64-16, and Two Rivers will have the opportunity to defend the championships against AAE on Thursday at home.  GO HURRICANES!

Girls Basketball Recap: February 13th

The Two Rivers Magnet Middle School girls basketball team hosted Public Safety Academy on Tuesday, February 13th. The Lady Hurricanes were ready to protect their home court from the undefeated PSA Eagles.  The ladies were ready from the tip to attack the basket.  Led by the guards, Yasmin Salas (8th) and Amyah Rosado (7th), the girls jumped out to an early lead.  The defensive efforts from the Hurricanes, especially from Shanquia Thomas (7th), limited PSA from getting to the basket while Julia McLean (7th) and Angelica Mach (8th) dominated the boards. 

 At the half, TRMMS had a significant lead, 37 to PSA's 11 points. Amaris Perez (6th) provided some quality minutes off the bench for the Hurricanes.  While Anja Carlmark (8th), gobbled up rebounds on the offensive and defensive ends.  

The Hurricanes stayed focused on maintaining the lead through their defensive efforts, despite the attack from number four and ten from PSA, who never gave up.  Valerie Lopez (6th) had a big basket at the end of the game. 

 The final score was TRMMS 55 - PSA 33. 

The ladies are 5 - 1 on the season, and undefeated in their division; they play home on February 22nd against Grace Academy. 

Congrats on the win, ladies!  Go Hurricanes! 

Boys Basketball Recap: February 13th

On Tuesday, the Two Rivers boys' basketball team traveled to Public Safety Academy in Enfield for their final regular season game.  Although PSA was short-numbered, the athletes put up a tremendous fight and never quit during the game. 

For Two Rivers, Kanye Foster was a floor general, guiding players and making smart decisions with the ball.  Tyreek Hutchinson and DeShawn Henderson both had solid games, but Taveon Jarrett came to play.  He locked down on defense and controlled the offense in the third quarter.  However, a 14 point lead quickly evaporated in the second half and PSA got to within 4. 

In the end, Two Rivers and their press wound up being too much for PSA to overcome.  The Hurricanes were victorious, 47-41, finishing the regular season undefeated.  Their next challenge will be the CREC playoffs beginning next week.  GO HURRICANES!

Girls Basketball Recap: February 8th

Two Rivers Magnet Middle School girls basketball team hosted St. James School on Thursday, February 8th.  The Lady Hurricanes had a great first quarter, with fifteen points to St. James' four.  This offensive effort was led by Amyah Rosado (7th) and Julia McLean (7th).  During the second quarter, Shaniqua Thomas (7th) gave some valuable minutes off the bench to help the Lady Hurricanes maintain the lead during the fourth quarter.  At the half, TRMMS was up 27 to St. James' 12 points.  

St. James was not going to give up.  After the half, number twenty-four and number two attacked the basket and made some big outside shots to cut into the lead.  Because of their offensive effort, they created several opportunities for St. James and limited TRMMS to only eleven points in the second half. 

The Lady Hurricanes suffered their first loss of the season, with a final score of TRMMS 37 - St. James 41.  

The Hurricanes are 4 -1 on the season and play PSA at home on Tuesday, February 13th. 

Good luck ladies!  

Boys Basketball Recap: February 8th

The Two Rivers boys' basketball team faced off against St. James on Thursday, a new opponent.  Two Rivers came out hot with strong efforts from Tyreek Hutchinson and DeShawn Henderson.  Josiah Perez-Henry and Trevon Ortiz were stout defensively and prevent St. James from getting easy looks and second chances.  The boys played well throughout the game with solid performances from David Pardo, Marquis Swinton and Kanye Foster.  The Hurricanes play next on Tuesday away at PSA.  GO HURRICANES!

Girls Basketball Recap: January 30th
The Two Rivers Magnet Middle School girls basketball team hosted the Metropolitan Learning Center on Tuesday, January 30th.  The starters were posed to score quickly. With Yasmin Salas (8th) and Amyah Rosado (7th) leading the Lady Hurricanes, the ladies did just that; ending the first quarter with twenty points to MLC's four.  

In the second quarter, Chelsea Wray-Brown (8th) provided some quality minutes off the bench to help keep the Hurricanes in the lead. While Gabby Tinsley (6th) was able to convert some missed opportunities and poor defensive positioning into baskets, spread the Hurricanes lead. At the half, TRMMS had twenty-eight points.  

In the second half, the ladies were working the perimeter, which allowed Amyah Rosado (7th) to assist Anja Carlmark (8th) with six points in the third quarter.  Rosado ended the half with a big three to maintain the lead over the MLC Dragons.  

Sienna Cook, number 2, for the Dragons, worked tirelessly to keep MLC in the game, scoring ten points in the fourth quarter, but the Hurricanes continued their pursuit towards the win. 
The final score was TRMMS 47 and MLC 24.  

The Hurricanes are 3 - 0 on the season and play home against Carmen Arace on Wednesday, January 31st.  
Good luck ladies!  Go Hurricanes! 

Boys Basketball Recap: January 30th

The Two Rivers boys' basketball team traveled to MLC on Tuesday,  Both teams locked down defensively in the first half with Two Rivers up 16-14 going into halftime. Taveon Jarrett and Trevon Ortiz played great defense to help keep Two Rivers in the lead.

Kanye Foster exploded in the 3rd quarter for 9 points. He was guided by Tyreek Hutchinson, who led all scoreres with 22 points. It was a tight game throughout, but Two Rivers got key buckets late from DeShawn Henderson and Mekhi London to help Two Rivers win 43-33. 

The boys will play St. James next Thursday at home. GO HURRICANES!

Girls Basketball Recap: January 16th

The Two Rivers Magnet Middle School girls basketball team traveled to The Academy of Aerospace and Engineering on Tuesday, January 16th.  The girls were off at the tip, which was led by Amyah Rosado (7th) making some quick baskets.  Julia McLean (7th) and Alyssa DeLeon (6th) also contributed in the first quarter to help secure an early opportunies. But AAE's number 15 would not give up, she kept attacking the lane and working the the perimeter to create opportunities for the Jets. 


At the half, the Lady Hurricanes were in lead, which was helped by Savannah Morgan's (6th) drives to the basket and Julia McLean's (7th) defensive effort in the third quarter.  All the ladies contributions help protect the Hurricane's lead and secure the win.  

The final score was TRMMS 43 - AAE 26.  
The Lady Hurricanes are 2 - 0 on the season and are home next Wednesday.  

Congrats Ladies!  Go Hurricanes. 

Boys Basketball Recap: January 16th

On Tuesday, the Two Rivers Hurricanes boys basketball team hosted Academy of Aerospace and Engineering in a rematch of last year's championship game. The Hurricanes came out fast, thanks to Tyreek Hutchinson, who scored 14 points in the 1st quarter, helping the Hurricanes get out to a 21-11 lead. 

Aerospace would not be denied as Chace found the bottom of the net on a few timely 3 pointers.  AAE clawed back to even the score, but Two Rivers would pull away in the 4th quarter with baskets from Mehki London and DeShawn Henderson. 

Tyreek Hutchinson finished with 29 points to lead the Hurricanes to victory, 64-50.  The boys will play MLC in 2 weeks on January 30th. GO CANES!

Boys Basketball Recap: January 9th


On Tuesday, the Two Rivers boys basketball team hosted The Academy of Science and Innovation for the first game of the season.  Both teams showed some nerves in the early minutes, missing a few easy opportunities, but Two Rivers eventually settled in and played a strong 1st quarter, scoring 28 points.  DeShawn Henderson scored all of his 10 points in the first quarter and Tyreek Hutchinson added 7 points to help the Hurricanes get out to a quick lead.  The game slowed down for a couple of quarters, before ASI made a late push in the 4th quarter, scoring 13 of their 21 points.  Two Rivers came away with a victory, winning 45-21.

Girls Basketball Recap: January 9th

The Two Rivers Magnet Middle School girls basketball team traveled to the Academy of Science of Innovation on Tuesday, January 9th.  The Lady Hurricanes set the tone early with several quick stops and converted those into some quick points.  Amyah Rosado (7th) and Yamin Salas (8th) helped create those turnovers while Jula McLean (7th) and Anja Carlmark (8th) dominated the boards to help the Hurricanes go into the half with the lead. 

The girls maintained their defensive efforts while creating opportunities offensively to keep the lead in the second half.  Savannah Morgan (6th) had several nice drives to the basket. 

The score in the end was Two Rivers 42 - ASI 8.   

The ladies are 1 - 0 on the season and play AAE next Tuesday. 

Congrats on the win ladies! Go Hurricanes. 

Boys Soccer Recap: November 3rd Championship Match

On Friday, the Two Rivers boys' soccer team traveled to Aerospace and Engineering for the championship match.  AAE broke through first, with a beautiful headed goal early in the contest.  Late in the first half, AAE scored again on a miscue by Two Rivers goalie, Ben Groeger.

Two Rivers changed their approach in the second half, becoming increasingly aggressive and holding nothing back.  Even with the increased intensity and pressure put on AAE, the Jets held their ground and made sound defensive plays, not allowing Two Rivers to score a goal. 

Although the Hurricanes would valiantly defend their championship until the final second, AAE earned the victory and took home the boys' soccer championship for the season.  The Hurricanes played hard and left everything out on the field, capping off a great season with a strong effort.  Congratulations to AAE and to Two Rivers on excellent seasons!

Girls Soccer Recap: November 3rd Championship Match

The Two Rivers Magnet Middle School Girls Soccer team traveled to Metropolitan Learning Center on Friday, November 3rd for the CREC Championship.  During the regular the season, the TRMMS Hurricanes team lost to MLC Dragons, but the Lady Hurricanes were primed for a playoff game, ready to defend their title. 

In the first half, both teams battled for the ball.  The majority of the pressure was on the Lady Dragons as the Hurricanes dominated ball possession.  With excellent field control from Talayeh Rivera (8th) and Allison Pinzon (8th), the Lady Hurricanes were able to create some opportunities for Shaniqua Thomas (7th) to score a goal in the thirteen minute. 

MLC Dragons had several fast break opportunities down field.  One of which turned into a shot just over TRMMS's goalie, Amber Braga (7th), for their first goal of the game. But, opportunities presented themselves when the Dragons created two plenty kicks due to some costly errors.  In the twenty-sixth minute, Victoria Trojanowski (8th) delivered a powerful penalty kick which deflected off the goalie allowing Trojanowski (8th) to collect her rebound and score. The Lady Hurricanes were up two to one at the end of the half. 

In the second half, Megan Moore (6th) exploded from the whistle, scoring two minutes into the second half. While the Dragons were trying to advance, the Lady Hurricanes had excellent minutes from Julia Vieira Reis (7th) and Amaris Perez (6th), which helped keep the Dragons scoreless; even when chances presented themselves for the Dragons, Amber Braga (7th), the goalie, had several nice saves to limit MLC's chances.  

In the end, the Lady Hurricanes won the game 3 - 1, keeping their CREC Championship streak alive: 6 seasons in a row.  

Special acknowledgement to the eighth graders, Akailia Tucker, Yasmin Salas, Allison Pinzon, Talayeh Rivera and Victoria Trojanowski, for their leadership this season. They were instrumental in the success of the this team. Congratulations to all the ladies on a great season and becoming the 2017 CREC Girls Soccer Champions!  

Boys and Girls Cross Country Recap: November 4th State Championship

On Saturday, 16 runners represented Two Rivers at the State Cross Country Championships at Wickham State Park.  It was a beautiful day to run a hilly 1.7 mile course. 

In finishing order, Emma Dubiel, Jade Casey, Alina Niemcyzk, Isabelle Camli-Saunders and Alana Smith ran against 395 other girls and did an awesome job! 

In finishing order, Raymond Webster, Kai Langlois, Joel Reddick, Jordan Pare, Christian Woodson, Josh Taber, Alec Agosto, Liam Horan, Anthony Cosme, Trevaughn Wilson and Christian Woodson ran against 424 other girls. 

A special shout-out to Raymond Webster for finishing an impressive 23rd overall with a 6:45 pace in a very competitive field!  Also to Liam Horan for a super impressive finish after losing a shoe right at the start and running the entire race on tough trails with one shoe!!


Boys Soccer Recap: November 2nd

The Two Rivers boys soccer team hosted MLC for a semifinal playoff game at Shea Park on Thursday.  The match was a tightly contested affair through the 1st half, with neither team scoring a goal until the 26th minute when Two Rivers finally broke through.  Daniel Shemonsky kicked things off for Two Rivers to help close the half with momentum favoring Two Rivers.

Then, in the 33rd minute, Malachi O'Neal score the second goal for Two Rivers.  3 minutes later, Eric Rodriguez would tack on another goal, making it 3-0 in favor of Two Rivers.  MLC, knowing their season was on the line, would bring all their players up to attack for the rest of the game, forcing Two Rivers to play back defensively.  MLC would eventually break through for a goal and continue to put pressure on the Hurricane defense.  Two Rivers focused on possessing the ball and moving it around the field in the final 10 minutes, sealing the victory with a final score of 3-1.  The Hurricanes will defend their championship tomorrow against AAE at AAE High School in Windsor.  Go Hurricanes!

Boys & Girls Cross Country Champs! Recap of Nov 1

For the 4th year in a row, both the boys and girls team took the CREC championship title! 

In the Girls' race, Nicole Orellana had the overall win.  Emma Dubiel, Jade Casey, Alina Niemczyk and Samantha Cieza were the top 5 girls for the Hurricanes.

Not to be out done by the girls team, The Boys' team ran a strong race with 4 of the Two Rivers boys finishing in the top 5!  Raymond Reyes and Raymond Webster had a great battle for 2nd and 3rd and crossed the line together, followed closely by Dylan Mongillo, Ricardo Sanguino.  Kai Langlois, Mekhi London and Colin O’Brien finished strong for the boys in the top 10.

Go Hurricanes!!

Boys & Girls Cross Country Recap: October 19th

Congratulations to the Boys and Girls Cross Country teams for a great race at Elizabeth Park!  The girls team won with Jade Casey leading the girls team. Emma Dubiel, Samantha Cieza, Alina Niemcyzck and Isabelle Camli-Saunders ran a great race and finished top 5 for our team. 

It was a tough battle between AAE’s Sergio and our own Raymond Reyes for 1st place; even though AAE took the top spot, 2 Rivers was able to take the overall win with solid running by Raymond Webster, Dylan Mongillo, Ricardo Sanguino, Mekhi London and Kai Langolis. 

Next up is the CREC Championships on Tuesday at Elizabeth Park where both the Girls and Boys team will be defending their titles!

Girls Soccer Recap: October 19th

The Two Rivers girls soccer team hosted ASI on Thursday, October 19th.  The girls were ready to finish their regular season with a win, and so, Shaniqua Thomas (7th) was quick to the net, scoring in the first minute.  This was followed up by Megan Moore (6th) scoring in the third minute.  The girls continued to be aggressive against ASI's defensive players, which allowed Shaniqua Thomas (7th) to score one more goal. This allowed the Lady Hurricanes to have a three to nothing lead going into the half. 

At the half, the Hurricanes made some adjustments to their line-up.  One major move was switching the goalie, Amber Braga (7th), with Amaris Perez (6th).  This allowed Amber Braga to score twice in the second half.  

The ladies played excellent defense keeping ASI scoreless for the game. 

The final score was TRMMS 5 - ASI 0.  The girls are 5 - 1 on the season and head into their playoff run next week.  Good luck ladies!  Bring back another championship. 

Girls Soccer recap: October 17th

Two Rivers Magnet Middle School girls soccer team traveled to Grace Academy on Tuesday, October 17th.  With a chill in the air, the Lady Hurricanes stepped onto the field ready to continue their win streak.  

The Ladies were posed to attack Grace Academy's net, but number thirty-four on Grace's team was aggressive as a defensive sweeper.  Talayeh Rivera (8th) was able to sneak one passed their goalie in the twelfth minute.  Megan Moore (6th) and Victoria Trojanowski (8th) had several runs towards the goal, but their strikes fell short.  In the twenty-fourth minute, the Lady Hurricane's offense efforts paid off, allowing Shaniqua Thomas (7th), to score, giving Two Rivers a 2 - 0 lead going into the half. 

The second half, the Lady Hurricanes kept attacking the net.  Megan Moore (6th) had several shots on goal.  The defensive effort of Grace Academy limited Two Rivers, and their offensive efforts allowed Grace Academy to score in the second half.  The Lady Hurricanes kept pressure on the goalie and dominated possession time for most of the second half. 

The final score was TRMMS 2 - Grace Academy 1.  

The ladies are 4 - 1 on the season and play their final game of the regular season against ASI at home on Thursday at 4:00 pm. 

Congrats on the win ladies.  Go Hurricanes!