Two Rivers Makes CREC History!

Two Rivers Staff Make CREC History!
This is the image for the news article titled Two Rivers Staff Make CREC History!Every year, CREC staff nominate and select a Teacher and Paraeducator of the Year for every school. It's quite an honor to be recognized by one's peers as being exceptional in one's work with students and families. From those teachers and paraeducators, a single teacher and paraeducator are named as CREC's districtwide honorees.

This year, for the first time in CREC's history, both the Teacher of the Year and the Paraeducator of the Year for the entire district are from the same school; Two Rivers!

Love Peace, 6th grade reading teacher and team leader for the Wolves, is CREC's district wide Teacher of the Year. Her entire team nominated her for her great leadership as a team leader, and students submitted letters praising her patience, support, and commitment to their learning. It is a well deserved honor and we are lucky to have her!

Diane Bailey is the district's Paraeducator of the Year. Diane has a gift for working with students to help them reach their highest level of success, and is a tireless advocate for students with special needs. She recently campaigned and got approval for a new program to socially connect students of all abilities. It has been Two Rivers' privilege to have such a caring advocate for our students!

Congratulations, Love and Diane!

Teacher of the Year Love Peace

Para of the Year Diane Bailey