Green Resources & Initiatives

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As an award winning environmentally themed STEM school, Two Rivers prioritizes minimizing waste and encouraging minimal impact wherever possible. We do this in several ways:
  • classroom recycling
  • cafeteria composting and recycling
  • fruit and milk exchange- students drop off fruit and milk they don't want, and students who would like more fruit or milk may take it during a single lunch wave. Fruit that isn't eaten during lunch is sent to our p.e. department, where students may have them as snacks.


Students are encouraged to participate in programs that moniror and improve our environment, contributing in the following ways:

  • Classroom Recycling: students will collect recycling from individual classrooms into our larger recycling barrels, which are then emptied into the recyling dumpster by our maintenance department.
  • Cafeteria Sorting: Students will help as students clear their trays to help sort compost, recycling and trash. They will also weigh the compost and collect data on weekly collection amounts by grade (students do not handle the waste itself; they remind students how to sort and then weigh the compost in the bin).
  • Air Quality Flag Program: students may also be part of a group that monitors the daily air quality forecast, including ozone and particulate matter, and posts the corresponding flag for the day.
  • Project Feeder Watch: Starting in November, Two Rivers will participate in "Project Feeder Watch"; a program through the Cornell University School of Ornithology. Students will monitor bird feeders twice a week and submit species counts to Cornell's online database.

Some programs will happen during students' "Block 26"; an academic learning period in which students can receive academic support or enrichment, while others may happen at the start of school or during a students' lunch (they will go through the line first). To sign up for one or more of these activities, please fill out the GREEN TEAM form and Ms. Poulakos will add you to the program.