Dress Code


Novel Tees Order Form - use this form to order uniforms

Rationale: Two Rivers utilizes a dress code to set the tone that we are here to work. We believe having a dress code helps students to focus on school. 

At a minimum all students should have a TRMMS black polo shirt and khaki colored uniform pants as this is the uniform required for all field trips and special events. Additional options for every day school use are detailed below. 

All dress code shirts must be purchased from our vendor Novel Tees (with the exception of Spirit Wear, which is sold in school at various times). Novel Tees is located at 81 Tolland Turnpike in Manchester, CT, phone number is 860-643- 6008. Students will be fitted by the vendor and following their recommendations is strongly suggested. 

Shirts: Students are required to wear polo shirts with the Two Rivers logo or Spirit Wear designated as appropriate for school. Two Rivers polos come in multiple colors from Novel Tees (Black, White, Royal Blue, Red). Spirit wear appropriate for school uniform is outlined at the time of sale in school. Shirts must be worn neatly. 

Pants: Students are required to wear loose fitting khaki material pants. Pants may not be denim or jean. Pants may not have a drawstring. A student electing to wear “Jogger” style pants must have a button and belt loops, no drawstring waist. Required Pant color – Khaki – other alternatives Black or Navy Blue. Cargo pants and shorts are not allowed. 

Outerwear: Two Rivers’ Fleece, Two Rivers’ crew neck sweatshirts and any approved Spirit Wear are all acceptable with Logo. Designated Spirit Wear can be purchased at various times during the school year. 

Footwear: Sneakers only. Boots may be worn to and from school, but must be changed prior to homeroom and stored in locker. 

Two Rivers "Spirit Wear" - Students may elect to purchase clothing with our team "hurricanes" logo and wear those as acceptable dress for school. click here for more info.

Field Trips: Students are required to wear their TRMMS black polo shirt, tucked into khaki uniform pants. Skirts are available for students who wear them every day for religious purposes. Students may not switch between pants and skirts. 

Jewelry:All jewelry must be safe and appropriate for school. 

Unacceptable Attire: This includes such things as clothing, jewelry, buttons, or markings which are offensive, suggestive, or indecent. 

Hats and bandanas are never allowed in school. The decision of whether or not a student’s clothing is acceptable will made by the Two Rivers Administration. Failure to comply with the dress code guidelines is considered to be an insubordinate act and will be treated as such. 

Administration/Teams can elect to: 
• Send a student to the main office to be counseled about the dress code.
• Give the student a warning and the opportunity to change clothes and/or parent/guardian will be called to bring appropriate clothes. 
• Give a student lunch/after school detention. 
• Place the student in the Transition Center. The student will complete his/her assigned class work there. 
• Repeated violations of dress code will be dealt with in a more serious manner. When a Two Rivers staff member speaks to a student to correct a dress code violation, the student is expected to comply. Questions regarding interpretation may be discussed at a later time. 

The decision of whether or not an individual’s clothing is acceptable will be the decision of the Two Rivers Administration. It is hoped that all students will adhere to these guidelines so that the issue of clothing is kept to a minimum.