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Dental Program

We are pleased to offer your child access to dental care at Two Rivers Magnet Middle School through a partnership with First Choice Health Centers. First Choice Health Centers will bring their dental bus to our school to provide dental cleanings, visual oral exams, fluoride applications, dental sealants as needed, and even restorative care as needed.  Students must register to have these services.

CREC First Choice Dental Program Letter to Parents

First Choice Dental Flyer

Dental Program Registration and Consent Form

Pediatric Patient History

The State of Connecticut HUSKY Health Program

Healthy kids do well in school! Is your child protected by health insurance? If not, Two Rivers and the State of Connecticut want to help. Please click on the HUSKY Health Program link below to learn more.

HUSKY Health Program

¿Tiene su Hijo Seguro de Médico ?
El programa HUSKY Health de Connecticut ofrece un seguro médico de bajo costo o gratis!

el programa HUSKY Health

Health Forms

Health Assessment Record (Physical Form)

Authorization for the Administration of Medicine by School Personnel

Health Services Standing Order

Sports Forms

Athlete Sports Contract

Healthy Celebrations

Promoting a Healthy School Environment, brought to you by the State of Connecticut Department of Education

CREC Food Policy

Middle School:  A Critical Age

Rapid physical and emotional changes, combined with the hazards of today’s society, make early adolescence a crucial
period for developing healthy habits. Middle school students are at a crossroads of sorts: they are too old for the day care
setting and possibly too young to participate in after-school sports and activities that often begin in high school. Cognitive
growth occurs gradually and irregularly, so most middle school students require ongoing, concrete, experiential
learning in order to develop intellectually. Many adolescents also begin experimenting with sex, tobacco, alcohol and other
harmful drugs, all of which pose serious threats to personal health.

-National Middle School Association, On Target