6th and 7th Grades visit Science Center

6th and 7th grades visit Science Center
Posted on 10/11/2017
This is the image for the news article titled 6th and 7th grades visit Science CenterStudents enjoyed beautiful weather for walks to the CT science center over the past couple of weeks.

On October 5th, the Otters (team 6B) visited the science center to explore content related to the 6th grade science curriculum, including: concussions; the human body; extreme weather; and energy transfer. While there, students experienced what it feels like to be in 78 mph hurricane winds, tested the impact resistance of several types of helmets, and particpated in lab activities around heart rate, respiration rate and muscle movements. The Wolves (team 6A) are scheduled to visit on Friday, November 17th.

On October 6th and 11th, the Kingfishers (7B) and Herons (7A) explored content related to the 7th grade curriculum, including: forces in motion; the human body & land forms. They also took part in a molecular biology lab in which they extracted their own DNA and took it home in a necklace!

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