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Fall: Boys & Girls Soccer; Co-ed Cross Country; Girls Volleyball
Winter: Girls & Boys Basketball; Indoor track
Spring: Boys Baseball; Girls Softball; Track and Field

Sports Practices are on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 2:30-4:00 pm. (Game days may run later).

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Sports Recaps 2020

Girl's Basketball

February 14, 2020

Girls Middle School Basketball:  Two Rivers 46 - AAE 30

Two Rivers Magnet Middle School hosted the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering on Friday, February 14th. Earlier in the season, Two Rivers beat AAE on their court, so Two Rivers was hoping for a repeat of the last game. 

In the first period, Two Rivers jumped out to an early lead.  All the starters contributed on the offensive end, and defensively the starters were able to stop many of AAE's chances at the rim.  In the second period, AAE started to put some points on the board.  Savannah Morgan (8th) was the leading scorer, while Amaris Perez (8th) provided excellent ball movement for the Hurricanes so that everyone had offensive opportunities. At the half, the Hurricanes was leading the Jets 26 - 14.  

In the third period, Two Rivers played flat, which resulted in AAE closing the lead; but, Two Rivers adjusted getting quality minutes from Janiah Cruz (7th), De'Mya Barrett (6th) and Vanessa Quealy (8th).  In the final minutes, Two Rivers was able to put some additional points on the board and get some stops to ensure the win.  The final score was Two Rivers 46 - AAE 30. 

The sportsmanship award was given to Two Rivers' #31, Savannah Morgan; and AAE's #15, Tara Martitel.  The ladies will play in their final regular season game on Thursday against Grace Academy.  

Congrats on the win ladies! 

February 10, 2020

Girls Middle School Basketball: Two Rivers 50 - ASI 20 

The Two Rivers Magnet Middle School basketball team traveled to the Academy of Science and Innovation on February 10th.  The girls basketball team was shaky off a loss, but they knew what they had to do to climb out of last game's slump: win.  

Two Rivers started cold.  But they crept into the lead, using their defense to create offensive opportunities.  Two Rivers', Amaris Perez (8th), was effective at causing turnovers that turned into points for Two Rivers.  ASI's number 30, kept attacking the basket with shots and floaters, which kept ASI in the game during the first period. But, Yenny Barry (8th) switched to defend her, which took #30 out of the game. Savannah Morgan (8th) was very aggressive during the second period, attacking the rim and gathering rebounds for second chance opportunities. At the half, Two Rivers had the advantage on ASI. 

In the second half, Two Rivers continued to put pressure on ASI's offensive efforts.  Several of Two Rivers' players made significant contributions including Fernanda Frausto (7th), Janiah Cruz (7th) and Karla Daha (7th).  The 8th grade core did an excellent job leading the Hurricanes to the win.   

The final score was Two Rivers 50 - ASI 20. 

The sportsmanship award was given to Two Rivers, #43, Fernanda Frausto and ASI's #3, Grace Brown. 

Congrats on the win ladies.  

Go Hurricanes.

February 7, 2020

Girls Middle School Basketball:  Carmen Arace 50 - Two Rivers 26.  

The Two Rivers Magnet Middle School girls basketball team traveled to Bloomfield's Carmen Arace Middle School on Friday, January 7th.  

The first period was a battle.  As the lead shifted from Carmen to Two Rivers.  Amaris Perez (8th) fought through screens and pressure to help Two Rivers jump out early.  Sharp defense helped the Hurricanes, but miscues with passing created turnovers that Carmen capitalized on.  The end of the first period the Hurricanes were only down by three points.  Into the second period, Two Rivers turned on the gas and attacked the rim, but foul trouble kept Carmen in the game and at the line.  At the half, the game was tied 16 - 16. 

The Hurricanes went to work in the third period, but dozens of miscues on defensive and multiple turnovers gave Carmen a twenty to two run.  After that, Two Rivers couldn't climb out of the deficit they created.  Amaris Perez (8th) stayed aggressive on defensive causing several turnovers; but, her efforts alone were not enough.  Missed baskets and missed coverage allowed Carmen to win the game.  

Other highlights in today's game were Two River's Janiah Cruz's (7th) and Fernanda Frausto's

(7th) efforts on offense.

The final score was Carmen Arace 50 - Two Rivers 26.  

The sportsmanship award was given to Carmen Arace's DeJah Lee.  

The Hurricanes are away on Monday at ASI.  

Go luck ladies and go Hurricanes.  

Go Hurricanes! 

February 6, 2020

Girls Middle School Basketball:  Two Rivers 49 - MLC 22. 

The Two Rivers Magnet Middle School girls basketball team hosted Metropolitan Learning Center on Thursday, February 6th.  The last time the Hurricanes of Two Rivers and Dragons from MLC met, the Hurricanes started cold, and it allowed the Dragons to jump out to an early lead, which they took into the half.  The lady Hurricanes were poised to protect their home court and come out attacking the rim so they would not have a repeat of the last game. 

In the early minutes, the Hurricanes fell back into old habits.  Sloppy passing resulted in turnovers, which allowed MLC to keep the game close at the end of the first period.  Savannah Morgan (8th) made several attacks to the basket, which allowed the Hurricanes to maintain the lead; while, the outstanding effort from Gabby Tinsley (8th) on the boards contributed to the Hurricanes controlling possession time. Yenny Barry (8th), Karla Daha (7th) and Janiah Cruz (7th) provided excellent defensive minutes, which limited the Dragons to only three points second period.  Amaris Perez (8th) controlled the tempo of the game during the first two periods, creating opportunities for her teammates to get to the rim.

After the half, the Hurricanes ran away with the game.  Led by their defensive efforts, the Hurricanes were able to stop the Dragons and their offensive.  Perez, again, controlled the game and was able to steal away chances for the Dragons.  Morgan had a big second half as she played well off her teammates; DeMya Barrett (6th), Tinsley and Perez all contributed to the success of the second half.  

The final score was Two Rivers 49 - MLC 22.  

The sportsmanship awards were given to Two Rivers #2, Amaris Perez and MLC's #2, Sienna C.  

The girls are away on Friday against Carmen Arace.  

Congrats on the win ladies and good luck Friday.  

Go Hurricanes!  

Boy's Basketball

February 10, 2020

Two Rivers 46 - MLC 39 

The boys basketball team beat MLC 46-39. The eighth graders put up a combine 42 points. The team’s tenacious defense lead to many turnovers and fast break opportunities. Ronald B. received the sportsmanship bracelet for MLC 

February 6, 2020

Two Rivers 47 - MLC 35  

The boys’ basketball team got back in the win column with a 47-35 victory over MLC. The boys took a four-point lead into halftime and used some tough defense to extend the lead in the third quarter. The eighth-graders led the way with a combined 34 points and some great assists as well. The boys’ next game is Friday at Carmen Arace. 

Congrats on the win boys and good luck Friday.   

Go Hurricanes!

January 10, 2020
Two Rivers 44 - Academy of Science and Innovation 28

The boys basketball team won their game against Innovation 44-28. The boys jumped out to a commanding first half lead with their solid defense and rebounding. In the second half the shots started falling as a whole team effort locked up the win. Jamyron (8th) flirted with a double-double and Jailen (8th) and Clinton (8th) had a number of good passes to set up their teammates. Abraham received the sportsmanship band for Innovation.

Girls Soccer

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 Boys Soccer

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